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DMP – Precision Fluid Deposition

The DMP, powered by Fujifilm Dimatix MEMS piezo inkjet technology, is an ideal bench-top system for research and development of inkjet technology and fluids for a wide variety of applications. Perfect for universities or initial exploring of inkjet fluids.

LP50 – Advanced Research Inkjet Printer

The SUSS Microtec PiXDRO LP50 is a desktop printer designed for research and development of inkjet processes and applications. Ideal for evaluation of industrial printheads, fluids, and processes.

DB_400 1 PHC

DB400 – Inkjet Development Platform

The DB400 is the ideal system for developing industrial inkjet processes for a wide variety of DOD Piezo printheads. The pairing of Integrity’s Universal Print Controller and variable speed steel belt drive provides unparalleled versatility for engineering and inkjet development teams. Ideal for ink developers and industrial application development.

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DB400 – Custom Configurations

The DB400 is a customizable, modular, and highly configurable system. Integrity’s modular options and accessories allow the system to be configured for your specific application and testing requirements. Ideal for multi-fluid process and advanced application development.

DB Customized Brightened
Binderjet Test Kit

3D Binder-Jet Development Platform

Configurable platform for developing powders and binder-fluids. Can use any binder-fluid, any powder, and your choice of printheads. User programmable, slice steps,  print dpi, and process parameters. Perfect for 3D print developers.

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