Integrity is an experienced and full-service industrial inkjet integrator, offering industrial inkjet system design, development, integration and support.

Integrity provides the specialized tools and expertise to help you leverage the unique properties of inkjet for a wide range of challenging manufacturing applications.


  • Materials deposition
  • Bioprinting
  • Printed Electronics
  • Graphics printing and product decoration
  • Textile printing
  • Food decoration (edible ink)

Engineering and Project Management Services

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies for integrating inkjet into new and existing production lines
  • Jettable fluid evaluation, inkjet print head assessment and selection
  • Fully outfitted process development lab including several Dimatix DMP-2831 stations with in-line or second pass UV Cure system for DMP (DMPs and UV cure system also available for purchase)
  • Process development and optimization
  • Modular testing and development tools
  • Full industrial inkjet system design, fabrication, installation, and integration
  • Technical support and training
  • Ink and fluid development, verification, and sourcing

Products and Services

For our clients who are interested in expanding their own understanding of inkjet technology, we also offer a wide range of products and services.

  • Full industrial inkjet system design, fabrication, integration, and support
  • Inkjet development and print test lab
  • Customized and confidential inkjet training
  • Fully customized inkjet test kits
  • Universal print head controller
  • DMPs with optional UV LED Lamp Curing system

Our Process




We begin by consulting with you to assess your application, its technical challenges, and the economic requirements:

  • Is inkjet technology right for your application and industry needs?

This is followed by a thorough technology assessment and recommendation:

  • Given our expertise and your requirements, which inkjet technology is most appropriate for your application?
  • Which ink / fluid is required, and how will it be sourced?



After testing and verifying feasibility, system design and development begins in earnest. We work with ink formulators and suppliers to source the required ink or fluids.

We work closely with your engineering team to design or adapt existing commercial inkjet imaging systems to meet your needs and budget.



The system or systems are fabricated and integration into your work flow begins. Finally, we support you and your implementation by providing ongoing support, service, spares, and inks.

About Dr. Rich Baker

Dr. Rich Baker is President of Integrity Industrial Inkjet Integration, a company that designs and fabricates bespoke industrial inkjet print systems for end user production lines.  Integrity has built print systems for numerous companies. Systems range from printing onto individual flat products to contoured direct to shape surfaces to web-based products, covering applications including high speed labels, food decoration, functional electronics, pharmaceutical & biotech deposition, window fashions, displays & touch screens, and industrial 3D manufacturing.  Integrity is printhead and ink agnostic and integrates with technologies from all the major printhead and ink companies.

Prior to founding Integrity, Rich worked at FUJIFILM Dimatix for 14 years. As Director of Business Development at FUJIFILM Dimatix, he was responsible for fostering relationships between world leading ink companies, OEM systems integrators, and end user customers, as well as founding and managing their Systems Integrations Group.

Before FUJIFILM Dimatix, Rich held the position of Chemical Products Manager at Markem-Image, where he was responsible for developing a wide variety of inkjet inks, including hot melt.

Rich has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts.


Experience, Innovation, Integrity

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