Integrity Integration – an Official Reseller of the New FUJIFILM Dimatix Samba Cartridge

As a reseller of the FUJIFILM Dimatix Material Printer (DMP), Integrity Industrial Inkjet Integration is pleased to announce and excited to offer the new Samba DMP print cartridge. The Samba printhead is the most advanced technology in inkjet printing, based on state-of-the-art silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems (Si-MEMS) design and manufacturing of the Samba G3L printhead. The addition of the Samba cartridge for the DMP will enable Integrity Integration’s customers to utilize the versatile printer for a smooth transition from small-scale feasibility design and testing stages to industrial-scale manufacturing for commercialization.

“We are excited about the addition of this new product to Integrity’s world-leading inkjet evaluation kit portfolio. This product will enable us to support technology advancement of our current DMP customer base, while offering new customers additional inkjet technology options,” said Scott Leger, Director of Business Development Integrity Industrial Inkjet Integration

The new Samba cartridge brings the most modern features, capabilities, and function to an already popular and versatile printer. It provides a native drop volume of 2.4 pL, which has the potential to create ultra-fine line widths from a single dot size of 30 μm. Accounting for smaller-scale applications, the Samba cartridge offers use of a small capacity 1.5 mL cartridge, which requires considerably less fluid when screening fluid formulations for jettability and cured ink properties. To enable a full-service solution from R&D applications to commercial production, the Samba cartridge offers the same internal jet design, jetting characteristics, and native drop volume as the Samba G3L printhead, which allows an easy transition from R&D applications to commercial production with the Samba G3L printhead.

Integrity Integration is excited about how this technology will help their customers and grow the functional printing market as a whole. The Samba cartridge is now available for use with all DMP-2800 model printers. For more information, please email or call (603) 298-8300.